Playing Draw Something

When you start a new game of Draw Something, you can find an opponent by way of username, email or simply pick a random person. This means that you can choose to play exclusively against friends, people you would like to know, or folks that you never saw in your life. As the game starts you will see 3 different words to illustrate. The first one is the easiest and it will earn you 1 point if your opponent guesses correctly, this word is usually something very simple like a pencil or other item that you can easily draw. The second word goes up a notch in difficulty and here you will also earn another coin for a correct guess. The third word is the hardest to describe and it can be something less tangible like an emotion or occupation. If your opponent gets this right you end up with 3 points.

If you are not happy with the 3 words presented, it is possible to click on the bomb button to get new words. This is not recommended unless you have no other choice because each click on that bomb button will cost you. To draw with Draw Something for smartphones, you simply use your index finger and tap on the screen. You can choose size of pencil, color and you can also erase if needed. If you want more colors you will have to purchase them from the shop. Now you start to see why these coins come in handy for future games.

When you are done with a drawing you can send it to your opponent, and once your opponent has made a picture for you it will be possible to watch them guessing on yours. They will guess correctly (hopefully!) on your drawing, and you will do the same on theirs. This is the game in a nutshell, but there are important Draw Something tips to make use of in order to enjoy the game better and win more.