Draw Something Tips

It takes some time to truly get into this amazing game for smartphones, but once you learn more about technique and Draw Something tips, the game will become even greater. Here are some important Draw Something guides to help you understand how you can improve the fun and your skills through a few simple steps.

  • How are you drawing?

OK, first of all, understand that in Draw Something you are not better off if you know how to draw and paint. In this game you need to understand how to correctly describe something, using symbols and sketches. Have a look at the tools at your disposal and learn how to switch to the finer pointed pen to make your drawing come off as more than a blob of paint. This is also something you will notice when others send drawings to you. Ask them kindly to reduce the pen’s point so that you can see what they are trying to say.

  • Writing

 It is allowed to use a word here and there to describe the drawing, but not in a way that would give the whole concept away at once. If you are going to write things, do so sparingly. Too much text makes it even more confusing!

  • Think outside of the box

 The best Draw Something players are not afraid to try the harder options and to go for new strategies. Be playful and try different ways of drawing your word. When you play a lot with the same people, you will also start to develop a different way of communication through Draw Something which will allow you to go for the options that can earn you more coins.

  • Save your money!

Sometimes it is so tempting to press that bomb button to get new alternatives, but give this some thought before you do it. Even if it doesn’t cost much, you should always give the game a try before opting out. Meeting the challenge is part of the fun so try to save your money as much as you can!

  • Don't cheat!

Use Draw Something cheats for specific situations and not for getting through each and every game. Constant cheating takes all of the fun out of this game and you will eventually become bored with it if you don’t go by the rules.