Draw Something Cheats

While some might think that the very expression Draw Something cheats should not be of interest to a serious Draw Something gamer, these tips can actually be of great help. Just imagine that you get 3 words that feel impossible. You will not enjoy the game with these, and you have no other option than to press that bomb button which will cost you money… or do you? Actually a cool cheat for Draw Something is to simply exit the program at this stage. After this you will enter the Multi-Tasking menu of your smartphone, delete the multitasking of the application and open it up again. This will give you a new set of words to draw on, and you didn’t have to waste any money by pressing the bomb button!

This technique of deleting the multi-task will also let you reset the words that are going along with a drawing that you are guessing on. It will make it much easier to guess on it! You can find many other cheats for Draw Something online, and obviously you could just call the person that you are playing with. Just keep in mind that the cheats should be used to advance your game and not to make it completely pointless just in order to gather as many coins as possible.