Draw Something

Finally a really smart game for smartphones! Draw Something is a game where you will be able to interact with your friends in a very cool way. People who enjoy Scrabble, Pictionary and similar games will love Draw Something. The idea here is
to compete, in a very friendly way, by trying to guess what your friend is drawing. If you guess correctly, your friend will get points according to the level of difficulty of the word you drew. Does it sound complicated? It is not! You don’t have to be a professional artist to start winning points on the quests of Draw Something, and while you are at it, you will have loads of fun!

You can also benefit from cool Draw Something cheats that are useful if you feel that the game has handed you words that are impossible to describe. Just remember that this is a game and that you should enjoy the challenge of making your friends see what word you are describing. Many times a little tweak of drawing technique could be just what it takes to hit the words that are worth the most.